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spaceplot's Journal

They Said I Was Dumb, But I Proved Them!
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you’re twice the the he ever was


SHALOME. welcome to spaceplot a futurama icontest community. the purpose of this community is to have fun and that’s an order damn it!

RULES & REG. basically, you need to be a member to participate. icons must meet LJ standards (if you’re not sure that’s 100x100, 40KB max, JPG, PNG, GIF). you must comply to the rules of the contest. do not display your icon anywhere else until results are posted. this is not place for nastiness so please respect other members. if you don’t follow the rules you could face being fired, out of a canon, into the sun.

SUBMITTING/VOTING/RESULTS. contests are posted every friday and close the following friday. voting initiates as of when the contest closes and voting finishes on monday. results are revealed later that day. to submit an icon into a comment please use the following code:

you may not vote for yourself, for the same entry more than once or get your friends to vote for you. votes are weighed so first place gains you three points, second collects two points and third obtains one. the entry with highest score wins. when there are over 20 submissions or an entry that i feel is exceptional then special awards may be given for either: best colour, best composition, best crop, most creative, best typography, mod’s choice. winners will receive a banner made by yours truly. hazarr.